Engel Lefaucheux

post-doctoral researcher at the Max-Planck Institute for Software Systems in Sarrebrucken, under the supervision of Joël Ouaknine.

I used to be a PhD student under the co-supervision of Nathalie Bertrand at IRISA Rennes (Team SUMO) and of Serge Haddad at ENS Cachan (LSV, team MExICo). My PHD focused on controlling information in probabilistic systems.


email: elefauch (at) mpi-sws.org


My main research interests include:
  • Decision, control, and synthesis problems for continuous and discrete linear dynamical systems (using tools from number theory, Diophantine geometry, algebraic geometry)
  • Automated verification of real-time, probabilistic, and infinite-state systems (e.g. model-checking algorithms, synthesis problems, complexity)
  • Logic and applications to verification
  • Modelisation of systems (in particular through probabilistic programming)

Here is my CV.